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Rabu, 2 Februari 2011

let's get itchy... hahaha (mari menggatal)

I still remember the day we first met. He asked me to meet him at the lake garden near to my house. He got class at the collage nearby.

I was so excited! How will he look like? That is the question that keep on playing on my mind. Is he handsome? His voice sounds nice to me. Is he tall?

I waited for him at the bench near to the ice cream man. Yes, I'm trying my luck whether i can get him to buy an ice cream for me. I don't know. It just that i think it is quite cute to have an ice cream on the first date.

Waiting is hard. I must admit that. I only wait for 5 minutes and i really cannot stand the feeling of waiting. Where is he? When is he going to arrive? I hate him! He already late on our first date!

I mumbling to myself. Complaining on a guy i never met before. I hate him! I hate him! I keep repeating those word to myself. Until i realize someone is standing beside me. Uh uh! "Adam?" I asked. He just noded. there were 2 ice cream in his hand. He handed one of the ice cream to me. It already melting. How long has he been standing there?

"Have you wait for a long time?" he asked.
"Well, not really" my face blushed. Can he hear me mumbling to myself just now? Uhh.. now I hate myself more than I hate waiting!
"Well, eat the ice cream. Fast! it is melting already.."
"Uh uh.. Thank you"

He is not handsome (to me, handsome is like Awal Ashaari, but he's more like Aaron Aziz.. haha). He just sweet So sweet like the ice cream we had. We chat for about an hour. We just sit at the bench. Chatting while looking at the people jogging by the garden. There is nothing special but i don't know why, the moment remain in my heart..

When i get home that evening, the only thing that played in my mind is "When will we meet again?" "What does he think of me?" "When will we meet again?" "Ooh. i don't know why.. he's so charming. and he only bought me an ice cream" "When will we meet again?". Yeah, i know, sound silly right. And that is all.. He never call me.. or SMS me..

Until 10.00pm that night....


sorry la.. my english is all mixed up..

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