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sebelum komen, baca dulu komen orang lain boleh? Bosan la nak balas komen yang sama.. sebab jawapan aku mesti sama punya. tak pasal2 aku jadi astro karang ulang tayang beberapa kali

* jangan orang astro sentap pulak dengan aku, suda

Sabtu, 22 Ogos 2009

kuiz ekonomi asas (in english)

try jawab ye... pastu gitau result

Money Test

1. When it comes to billing and your food cost $450. If your
wallet contain a $1000, a $500, five $100 and a $50, which
would you use to pay the bill?

a) $1000
b) $500
c) 5 $100
d) 4 $100 & 1 $50 so that there is no change needed

2. You have the urge to eat tuna sandwhich, on a menu there
are four different choice with different cost, you would

a) less than $100
b) $200
c) $300
d) the most expensive one

3. If somewhere near your house was on fire and the
situation only allow you to take one thing with you before
you escape, you would take

a) childhood photo
b) bank book
c) a bag of rice
d) clothes that you just bought

4. When you are about to water your flower, it started to
rain lightly, u would :

a) decided not to water as it had rain anyway
b) continue to water as you are use to the routine
c) think its only a small rain, the water won't be enough
so just water a little first
d) wait and see how

1) A-1 B-3 C-5 D-5
2) A-5 B-5 C-3 D-1
3) A-1 B-5 C-3 D-3
4) A-1 B-5 C-3 D-3

4-10 ----- Type A
Money means a lot to you, are a very vain and materialistic
person. You would use a big amount of money to buy things
that you fancy. You not only spend a lot, your desire to own
a thing is also very Strong.

11-15 ----- Type B
You are a average person. You would spend relatively to the
amount of money you have. You would save when required and
spend when permit.

16-20 ----- Type C
To others, you may appear to be very stingy but you have the
ability to earn money and you won't anyhow spend it. You
have full control over your money matters.

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