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Ahad, 8 Januari 2012

Berhati-hati di R&R

Selalu aku dengar, orang tabur paku kat jalan dan highway supaya tayar bocor. Jadi dapat la mereka income tampal tayar.. tapi apa yang dorang share ni memang baru la. Aku copy paste je.

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So, sila baca ye.


Cerita 1

I just want to share my experience to you all.

last 2 days by sunday when the story began,


- stopped 1130pm at rnr seremban to hv a drink with my friend, convoy 2 cars.
- at 430am after lepak there we want straight go to melaka which was our destination
- when i drove my car (still at rnr want to exit), suddenly my car at D (drive) cant workout so i stopped
- suddenly 1 car approached n offered to help
- i decided let him towing my car after he promised my gearbox problem with oilshin (something like that) only cost me 220
- arrived at workshop by 5am then he imediately try to repair my gearbox
- after 2 hours wait he said this gearbox can b fix tomorrow. i was really stupid bcoz im not decide to go claim my warranty at proton. so i decide to go to melaka with my friend, left my car there with i hv to sign at recipt that i didnt realize got condition which is " SETUJU UNTUK MENUKAR APA APA ALAT GANTI UTK PROSES BAIK PULIH" something like that.


- 730am arrived melaka
- sleeping till 11 then my phone ringing. i was told my gearbox in process to overhaul. WTF!!!! my car only 1year and 4 months only.
- 1pm he confirmed me the price is 3800
- im being cheat and stupid didnt send it to proton
- emotion going down so bad my that time.
- 3pm starting calling any calling my police friend asked for help
- he asked me to wait coz he said this situation mny times happend.
- 730pm my car done for repair the workshop called me to take my car . and i refuse, i said i wanna take my car tomorrow.
- 8pm my friend call me to come to srmban tomorrow morning


- arrived srmban by 9
- went to the workshop with 3 police officers
- after the bosses of workshop get "brainwash" and nego. the price going from 3800 to 900.
- thx to GOD
- after that we hving a drnk and the police told many ppl hv been cheated especially around rnr seremban (any direction)
- and they told me my car hv been sabotage rnr same with othr ppl.
- the police also told to forward this msg to avoid being cheated and many case and hard to find approve.
- if u want stop to any rnr seremban or rnr, pls watch ur car even when u hving a meal.

thats my story and i really happy now even i lost 900. tomorrow going to send my car to proton even my warranty might be avoid. hope my friend at proton can help my problem.


Cerita 2

Guys, this was taken from Perdana Club thread, few of my fren kena like this before as he posted in Malay, I translated to English…..this is the story below…so guys becareful when @ R&R, keep an eye on these few Indian guys…..

1. that morning, stop @ R&R seremban for breakfast
2. parking was full, so gotta park further whereby not many ppl passby there
3. ate breakfast for approx 20 mins
4. continue journey, bout 10 mins/10km, temperature increased
5. stopped @ emergency lane
6. less than 1 min, a car stopped, 2 indian guys inside to offer help
7. they check & told that the head gasket edi bocor
8. offered to tow the car to his frens workshop nearby, tow using his car with a rope
9. estimated they will charge according to market price or lower as they told me
10. when car done, the bill was *** expensive just for simple job done
11. if don’t pay, car cannot be collected, tried to nego but they wanna put up a fight
12. workmanship was like s**t
13. but no choice, had to pay them cos wanted to collect the car
14. went to meet some frens that own workshop around seremban area, they said the radiator hose was punctured while they were eating @ R&R Seremban
15. the same modus operandi was used several times in Seremban area

I've read that too from few other forums. This Indian guys also offer their special 'service' at R&R Nilai & Senawang area. Victims' story are all same as mentioned by DanzEterna. One of the Indian guys got amputated hand. When the victims asked at other workshop around, they all already knew about it and they said that the gangster's workshop is untouchable (even by the police). So if anything's happened in these mentioned R&R S******* just call PLUS or call your insurance company (some of them offer free towing service).


Cerita 3


Dear all (especially for those who travels a lot with north-south highway),

This is a true event! It happened to my friend, Alvin.

Alvin came all the way from JB to Selayang, KL, on a business trip. At about 12:30am, 29/4/2011, his Toyota was over-heated, he then parked at the emergency lane (KM269.9) before Seremban exit, North-South Highway. Planning to let the engine cool down, add water to the water tank and slowly drive to KL, he took his rest for a while...

A while later, a tow truck arrived to offer a helping hand. The driver is an Indian wearing a Chinese workshop jacket, estimated the towing fees and rough costing to repair the over-heating engine for about less than RM200. Both agreed, the car was towed to a workshop in Mambau. Seremban.

Yup, it's GS Automobil Enterprise !!!

Operated by a bunch of Indian. (I don't mean that all Indians are like them, I have lots of good Indian friends too.) There, the workshop boss quoted Alvin for about RM300 plus. Then he asked his workers to start dismantling the engine to inspect the gasket. He then told Alvin to come back the next day to get the car. Without any choice, Alvin left the workshop to look for a hotel nearby...

The next day, Alvin went back there to see the progress... there he waited, waited waited... started to worry, at that moment, there was a mid-age Chinese guy with his family seemed waiting for there car too. They started to find out that things are not right and the later went to the police station nearby to make a police report and came back to claim the car. He was charged RM2,800.00 for also a simple engine over-heating problem! And Alvin's bill is RM3,939 !!!

After everything was settled, he left Seremban heading back to KL...

Half way through, he had to stop at the emergency lane again because the engine was HOT again!!! Slowly he moved, stopped to cool it down, drove another few km... and so on until he reached KL. Here, the mechanic did a complete check to find out that the engine was completely doomed because "someone" purposely did something to the engine to kill it after sometime... OMG. That is so evil!!!

After digging through some blogs, it seems this workshop is actually very famous! There were many many cases with this GS Automobil Enterprise!!! What??? Is there any police in that area? Are they blind? Deaf? or dead? .... or they are some sort of "partners"??? You be the judges.

FYI, GS Automobil Enterprise is located at:

No. 4, Jalan Helang 1
Taman Industri Ringgan Mambau
70300 Seremban
H/P : 012-264 1993 / 010-244 1701 / 016-9960 396

Alvin made a police report and he went to the Hal Ehwal Pengguna Malaysia to further complain and hopefully they will take action towards these bunch of devils.


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